“In the east, at dark, bright Mars appears, and soon the full moon follows the sun’s path, east to west across a blue black sky.  I am always restless in the time of the full moon, a common lunatic, and move about the frozen monastery, moon-watching.  Rising over the White River, the moon illuminates the ghostly prayer flag blowing so softly on the roof of the still hut, and seems to kindle the stacked brushwood; on its altar stone my small clay buddha stirs.  The snow across the river glows, and the rocks and peaks, the serpentine black stream, the snows, ski, stars, the firmament — all ring like the bell of the universal Buddha.  Now!  Here is the secret!  Now!

— Peter Matthiessen ‘Nine-Headed Dragon River’




About Kokuu

Novice Zen priest and haiku poet. I am a tea drinking father to three teenagers living in Kent, UK. I have a chronic illness and far too many books. Sometimes I grow plants.
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