“In the east, at dark, bright Mars appears, and soon the full moon follows the sun’s path, east to west across a blue black sky.  I am always restless in the time of the full moon, a common lunatic, and move about the frozen monastery, moon-watching.  Rising over the White River, the moon illuminates the ghostly prayer flag blowing so softly on the roof of the still hut, and seems to kindle the stacked brushwood; on its altar stone my small clay buddha stirs.  The snow across the river glows, and the rocks and peaks, the serpentine black stream, the snows, ski, stars, the firmament — all ring like the bell of the universal Buddha.  Now!  Here is the secret!  Now!

— Peter Matthiessen ‘Nine-Headed Dragon River’




About Andy

Tea drinking, plant loving, meditating father of three small foxes. I came to Buddha dharma as a way of coping with long-term illness and found much more than I could have imagined. Using time-tested methods from Buddhism and elsewhere I am trying to make sense of life, experience and human relationships with varying amounts of success and connecting with others doing the same. Haiku and longer poetic forms are part of that journey.
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